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Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners

Are you running as part of your fitness regime? Do you run competitively or just for fun? 5k, 10k, Marathon or Triathlon events? Are you hitting your goals, times and distances? And what about injuries, fitness and stamina? Are you working on your Core Strength or just leaving it to chance? Chris Redmond is a Personal Trainer who provides specialist training for Wirral based runners and athletes and can help you improve your overall performance, help you to achieve your goals and help you to prevent short or long-term injuries. He helps you by breaking bad habits and creating new ones.

Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners

Chris Redmond is a fully qualified fitness and lifestyle coach, offering specialist training for Wirral based runners and for athletes across Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire. As an active, competitive runner, Chris knows the increased participation in all forms and distances, running is a growing sport and injuries are becoming more common. A lack of understanding how the body works and untreated injuries can reduce performance and long-term goals. Chris offers his in-depth knowledge, helping you to improve your running performance, backed by a science led Strength and Conditioning training program.

Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners

Working with individuals and groups, Chris Redmond can help you prepare for any running event and help you reach and maintain your goals. Focussing on Core Strength and Conditioning he will help you develop your core muscle groups, a series of muscles that connect your body, spine, pelvis, legs, shoulders and arms helping:

  • Stability whilst running

  • Reducing muscle strain

  • Increasing power and endurance

  • Speeding muscle recovery and repair

  • Reducing fatigue and increasing overall performance

Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners

Chris works closely with Jonny Mellor, the founder of JM Coaching and an elite distance runner representing Team New Balance Manchester. Together, they create an incredible support package to help you achieve your running goals – whatever your ability or distance

Amongst the services that Chris Redmond, Wirral based personal training specialist, provides are:

  • One to one Weight loss Coaching

  • Muscle and Mass Gain

  • Running Strength and Conditioning

  • Two to One running event preparation

  • Group running training sessions

  • Specific Running and Training Courses

  • Female only one-to-one and group running coaching

In addition, Chris Redmond PT offers:

  • Around the clock personal support

  • Online apps, tracking training, nutrition and progress

  • Exclusive Facebook Group providing support and special offers/events

  • Monthly reviews

  • And much more

Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners

If you live in Wirral and are looking for specialist running support with a difference, then get in touch with Chris Redmond. Make that call, have an initial chat and find out how he can help you achieve what you want to achieve, whatever distance running you are doing.

Chris Redmond Personal trainer

07957 558 074

Specialist Training for Wirral Based Runners


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