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Client Testimonial - Rachel

I approached Chris after reading his Instagram posts and through speaking to him, knowing that he had genuine interest in running, being a fellow runner and that he had an interest in 'you' rather than just another client to add onto their books.

I had recently had a baby. I had a marathon I wanted to train for, and knew I was best to speak to a professional to achieve this.

Previously I was running on my own and using running programmes from the internet

Although through personal reasons I couldn't complete my planned marathon, I was able to complete The Whilst Stop Tour of the Wirral, which is 26.2 miles across 3 days of racing.

The best part of my training is being able to achieve that goal and achieve it well, getting my fitness levels back up, having a kind of pastoral care service from Chris too, having more confidence in my ability to set running goals.

If you’re considering training with Chris, then go for it. Chris is a PT who works with you, not against you, giving you programmes which are suited to you and your lifestyle.

He believes in you, probably more than you believe in yourself!

He wants the results for you, not for his bravado.


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