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Client Testimonial - Sally

"I started working with Chris because of recurring injuries and pain whilst running and I was also in pain after running.

I was unhappy with my Personal Trainer at the time, I don’t feel that he understood my goals. He was programming non-running specific exercises and coaching, unnecessarily counting macros, eating to gain weight and we were doing a lot of upper body strength training – all detrimental to my aims, and he did not meet the professional standards I would expect from a Personal Trainer.

Before approaching Chris I had previously completed a Couch to 5KM programme to start running, and I was going to my previous PT as I'd entered a half marathon & couldn't run pain free.

Since working with Chris I have had the confidence to enter and complete a marathon! Something I thought I would never be able to do, and way beyond my capabilities.

Showing my children that anything is possible is a huge benefit of this, realising that I could enter and complete the marathon was brought about by the fact that I'd started to know my body, what was causing the pain, how to sort out the pain, and ultimately becoming a stronger runner because of the knowledge and information gained from sessions with Chris.

I really enjoy our Monday morning chats and my physique has also benefited from training with Chris, now giving me a ‘runners' physique another bonus is we’re also now training in a really nice Gym!

If you’re considering hiring a Running Strength and Endurance Coach definitely book an initial consultation with Chris, have a chat with him and you'll find out what an approachable, friendly and all-round nice chap he is! His knowledge of anatomy, physiology and running mechanics is second to none. He is great at explaining how each movement and exercise is directly related to and of benefit to the momentum of the running body"


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