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Client Testimonial - Tara

I initially contacted Chris because I was starting my training for Chester marathon

I have followed structured training plans but had felt I was able to improve more than I have previously. This resulted to me changing gyms and looking for more focus with my running training.

I have previously used a variety of training plans from a variety of sources.

Since working with Chris, I have Achieved a PB at Chester Marathon, which is by far the most undulating marathon I have run so far, and the weather wasn’t ideal so I am delighted!

I am glad to say the hard work paid off, absolutely no injuries and a continued enthusiasm!

I had direct contact with Chris right through training, he responds to any questions quickly and fully. During my training I became unwell, Chris contacted me from his holiday to ask how I was, this was really appreciated as he took time out from his holiday when he wasn’t working to ask how I was.

I developed a love of the harder threshold sessions even if I didn’t know it at the time, these were pushing me harder than ever before. Chris provided advice on nutrition and all aspect of coaching which are so important over 26.2 miles.

If you’re considering working with Chirs, I’d absolutely go for it. A very honest chap, who loves what he does, and it shows!

Chris is a great coach to work with, honest and happy to help you, to the best of your ability. This can be seen by his willingness to collaborate with other coaches so that my personal training sessions are structured to complement the running coaching. I feel this collaboration can only been a positive thing and I’m very pleased that both sides are happy to work together.

He takes an interest in any cross training you are doing plus all the other bits which go together and can impact your training such as nutrition, sleep and training gear.


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