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Client Testimonial - Cat

I went to Chris for Running Strength and Conditioning after suffering from a recurring ankle injury and chronic ankle instability, I had previously been Physiotherapy.

I am now feeling stronger as a whole and feeling much more confident in the gym – Chris’ demonstrations and the explanations with the exercises allowed me to feel like I can go and use pieces of equipment that before I'd been scared of! Being part of the programme also made me approach my gym sessions in a more disciplined manner, and because I had a set programme to follow I wasn't worried about what I'd do, I'd just go in and get the job done!

As well as getting stronger, I Think my arms are looking slightly more toned as I'd previously done barely any upper body stuff!! I can tell the stuff that we've been doing has helped my running, particularly the stretches and foam rolling as part of the programme. I would like to try the programme when at my peak rather than recovering from injury, but I feel like Chris' programme has definitely helped my recovery

I have benefited from being accountable for what I'm doing, and also realising that there are other runners who suffer from niggles as well (it's not just me!), and having access to a load of targeted resources for runners.

If you’re considering working with Chris, I’d say go for it - it will save you wasting time wondering whether what you're doing to help your running is right - he'll give you a bespoke solution to your running niggles!


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