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Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer with a difference? Need someone to support you to help you reach your goals? Do you need more than physical training guidance and would like support in diet, weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance? Need someone that can structure a fitness program for you, helping you to achieve what you want to achieve? Chris Redmond, Wirral based Personal Training specialist, has a unique approach to fitness and well being and will help you to achieve your goals by breaking bad habits and creating new ones. He provides his services for clients across Wirral, Liverpool and Chester.

Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training

Chris Redmond has a background in health and fitness, gaining a degree in Sports Science, is qualified in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning and is a member of The Advanced Coaching Academy amongst other industry qualifications. More importantly, Chris is an active participant in many forms of exercise and sport. A keen runner, Chris regularly competes in all distances from 5K through to 7Ok ultra-marathons, so has specialist knowledge in this area and a great understanding of what support a distance runner requires.

Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training

Chris is passionate about working with his clients on a one-to-one basis, designing unique and personal fitness and nutrition programs, based on scientific research, but more importantly on the individual’s goals. He will work with you to develop a bespoke fitness program that works around your daily life, commitments and ensuring that you get the most out of your exercise routine whilst making it as enjoyable as possible.

Amongst the services that Chris Redmond, Wirral based personal training specialist, provides are:

  • One to one Weight loss Coaching

  • Muscle and Mass Gain

  • Running Strength and Conditioning

  • Two to One running event preparation

  • Group training sessions

  • Specific Running and Training Courses

  • Female only one-to-one and group coaching

Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training

In addition, Chris Redmond PT offers:

  • Around the clock personal support

  • Online apps, tracking training, nutrition and progress

  • Exclusive Facebook Group providing support and special offers/events

  • Monthly reviews

  • And much more

If you live in Wirral and are looking for a Personal Trainer with a difference, someone who works with you and can help you train and provide a nutrition program that fits around your daily routine, then get in touch with Chris Redmond. Make that call, have an initial chat and find out how he can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training

Chris Redmond Personal trainer

07957 558 074

Chris Redmond, Wirral Based Personal Training


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