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Are You Running Fast Enough?

I asked a group of my coached runners the other day;

What struggles do you face as a runner?

One of them answered:

"Does any runner ever feel like you're running fast enough?"

Which is, a very, very interesting question (in my opinion, anyway!)

The pace of someones run is unique to the individual.

For a start - unless you're the fastest person on the planet, there is always going to be someone faster than you.

So we can forget making comparisons to others straight away.

Now, back to the question; are you running fast enough?

To know if you're running fast enough, you need to apply it in to the correct context.

Ultimately, this depends on your end goal.

So, set one.

To get to the goal, you need a plan.

A plan which should incorporate all of the factors needed to help you improve to reach that goal.

Now, make a plan!

Once we have a plan, we can start to apply it and hopefully, see progressions in our training.

The goal, the plan and the progression (or not), now adds in all of the context which is required to answer the question;

Are you running fast enough?

. . .

There is more; hold on to your hats!

There needs to be more context applied to your paces against your plans, too.

For example, your easy pace on a long run isn't going to be the same as your interval pace on a speed session!

Here is how we break it down on the Running Head First Run Club;

We work on one of two measures

(which ever works best for the runner - it's their choice!)

1) The Jack Daniels Formula, introduced to me by a former (and fantastic) coach - you can download an app called VDot and it will set your paces for each form of session you do.

I just tell the runner which VDot pace to use.

2) Rate of Perceived Exertion, a scale of 1 to 10 of which your effort level is measured against to make sure you're working at an appropriate level

Again, I tell the runner which level of RPE to use.

(you'll have to do a bit more reading on RPE!)

Now, we have a strong plan and measure of how we are going to progress, AND, we are guaranteed that we are applying the right pace/effort in to that plan, therefore, getting faster!

If you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to ask:

Or, if you want to join the Running Head First Run Club and receive coaching for £1 per day, click here:

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