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Enjoying a Drink and Losing Weight

During the past six months I have had a few clients who have lost considerable amounts of fat tissue whilst still enjoying a booze up and a takeaway at the weekend . . .

Yes, you heard it right. We are talking a decent few glasses of wine and a pizza or in another case, a few full-blown nights out and they’re still coming in for their monthly review and the numbers on the scales and the tape measure are all down. There’s no catch to this, it’s not witchcraft, it’s calorie deficit and lifestyle management.

Here’s how we work it;

Firstly, we track calories through the week to make sure that the client is in an energy deficit and will therefore be dropping body fat. That deficit could be a simple 150 – 200 kcals a day and is achieved through both the energy that is put in (food) and the energy that is put out (exercise/movement).

So let’s say my client needs to consume 2200 kcal for their daily living and to maintain their body weight, so I’m going to ask them to drop down to 2000 kcal a day to start shifting the fat tissue they don’t want.

  • We hit the 2000 kcals for 6 consecutive days (Sunday to Friday) and we are dropping the weight, now the big night out turns up and my client goes and blows 1000 kcals on booze and junk food.

  • We would get a normal breakfast in to fuel a decent workout. I’d rather get it in early so they can have a good exercise session than later on after the session.

  • We’d ask them to do some extensive exercise in the morning (something with a high energy expenditure, so a run or a rowing session and this is an addition to their normal training)

  • We’d then reduce their calories for the remainder of the day by 200 – 300 kcal under their usual, so instead of a 200 kcal deficit they now have a 400 – 500 kcal deficit (yes, they will be hungry but this is their choice to go on the booze all night). All together, we’ve gained around 400 - 500 kcals to play with now for their night out

  • They have their night out, blow the 1000 kcals out of the water taking their daily calorie intake to over 500 kcals over their allowance

  • We now divide those 500 calories up across the following 7 days to make up for what we consumed on the Saturday night, so instead of their daily calorie limit being set at 2000 kcal, it is set at 1900 kcal therefore making up the difference from the Saturday night.

Nobody goes hungry and nobody misses out on socialising with friends and we certainly don’t wake up on Sunday morning tempted to smash in those oversized Big Macs because we’ve gone so far off track we feel like we’ve ruined the entire weeks work.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to give me a shout . . .


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