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Miss Busy has been 'Miss Not So Busy' due to the stupid Wirral lurgy that is going around!!!! . . . now, trying to stop these her from training during their illness has been like trying to carry water in a paper bag with holes in it.

Vertigo - Viral Infection

She has been hit by vertigo which has left her unable to walk or stand for any long periods of time (this is a viral infection that effects the inner ear and a persons balance - it is no joke!!!) This naturally ruled her out of exercise for the first part of her illness, however the second part of her illness brought out some extreme frustration at her inability to exercise. In conjunction to this Miss Not So Busy was prescribed medication to subdue an infection (YEP STERIODS!!), one of the major side effects of the medication? Increased appetite and cravings for sweet foods!

What an absolute disastrous start to her training and lifestyle plan and what a waste to the last few weeks. . .well, it's not really. It's a bridge that we will have to cross at some point so we might as well cross it early in the journey.

This is how we dealt with Miss Not so Busy:

Early stages of her vertigo were easy - she stayed in bed getting really p!ssed off at not being able to exercise, however we used this time wisely! She spent a lot of time looking up new recipes and different ways to cook her favourite foods, as well as healthy snacks (If you look back to one of our earlier blogs Miss Not So Busy was asked to eliminate all snacks to stop any hidden calorie consumption - we are still working on this!). This was time well spent, not only did it make her feel productive in that time off but it's paved an excellent route for her future nutrition!

She was given the details to this magic collection of goodies, which is the essential tool kit to have stocked up for those days when your nose is blocked, throat is sore and head feels like mush. • Big slice of lemon/lime • 1/3 Tsp ground cloves • 1/3 Tsp cinnamon • 1/3 Himalayan salt • 2 caps of Apple cider vinegar • A few chopped chunks of ginger • 1 Tbsp Manuka honey • 1 Tbsp Tumeric ... Add to a big mug of warm water, stir it up and get stuck in!

Once Miss Not So Busy became Miss Busy again, I had constant phone calls/texts/emails explaining how fed up she was (I work with Miss Busy in a business capacity, so we speak often!). Now, in this case when you're raring to go but you're not feeling 100% the key thing to remember is that 'REST IS BEST' - keep resting, it's the key to recovery. If you decide to exercise a week earlier than what you should do coming back from illness you will end up ill again!

Finally; the sweet and hunger cravings! They key thing here is to stick to a routine of eating and make sure that you eat whole, nutritious and natural foods. It's OK to eat a little more at a meal or have an additional snack before bed, just make sure it's not a chocolate bar or two. Hit the sweet tooth with some honey in a green tea or some fruit, although the sugar content is high and there are additional calories compared to your normal days intake you're still getting some vitamins and minerals or some natural macro nutrients from the food!

Miss Busy was due to go on holiday in the next week - so she has been told to rest, recouperate and come back refresehed & READY TO SMASH IT! Eat as whole, nutritious and clean as possible, but most of all ENJOY HERSELF!

Holidays don't have to mean your whole health plan goes down the drain... She is going to blog for me whilst away on holiday.. stay tuned :)

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